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Illustration for “Sora’s Dreamworld”

Sora’s Dreamworld is a NFT project that was inspired by both lo-fi aesthetic and pop culture. My role was to lead a team of artists from conceptualisation to the production of 10,000 dream machines for Sora’s Dreamworld (SDW), a NFT project that sold out within the first hour of its launch. The success of the first phrase served as a springboard in generating the sandbox metaverse of SDW, as well as the creation of the 2nd Generation of dream machines. SDW was well-received and earned praises from international NFT-enthusiasts for its art style.  

Cover art for “Sora’s Dreamworld : Dark Age”

Cover art for “Sora’s Dreamworld”

Animation for “Sora’s Dreamworld : Dark Age” & “Sora’s Dreamworld”

Sora looking upon the starry night

 Voxel Hotel Concept Art

”Screen” Assets

“Background” Assets

“Sora’s Dreamworld” Gachapon Machine
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