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︎︎︎ Goh Cher See
︎︎︎ Concept Artist

︎︎︎ gohchersee@gmail.com
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I am an eclectic concoction of:
  • Meat (40% Concept Artist),
  • Onions (30% Illustrator),
  • Gummies (20% Gamer),
  • Rosemary (10% Self-Proclaimed Chef) and
  • Oolong Tea (Made in Singapore).

I enjoy adrenaline-inducing projects that challenge my conceptualisation and technical drawing skills. My love for games led me to pursue an education in Animation (Nanyang Polytechnic). I was given the opportunity to work at Scrawl Studio in Suzhou (China) in 2012, where worked on a CGI-based animated series, Mademoiselle Zazie. I later majored in Interactive Media (Nanyang Technological University), specialising in Game Design

I am often invited to work on projects as an illustrator or technologist, where I collaborate with my peers in providing solutions for solving a creative brief. 

Hit me up if you have a creative problem to solve or if you’re looking for an additional board game player.

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